Computer analyses of terrorist?

An article in the Economist, April 21st- 27th 2012 page 93 is a
most intriguing read, titled “What makes heroic strife”. I find this
article to be captivating because it is government entities and
money with some private companies developing computer
models to try and find out where terrorist groups will strike next.

On the surface it sounds like a big “yes go get’em”. In the article
it plainly states that they are not keeping records on Americans,
but I can see a time when some nefarious minded individual will
say this information was gleaned by a private organization so the
government can subpoena the info and use it against their own
citizens even though it was sometime government money that
was used to do the research.

If the people involved, rather government, academia or institutions,
keep a mind towards the bad guy, it would make their efforts
approvable. In today’s world that is what it looks like they want to
achieve, but I’m concerned about tomorrow! I do like the idea of
taking out the “bad guy” that makes the world a safer place to live
for our families.

The article says they are using “Tweets”, “Facebook” and phone
records with other electronics to develop this software. They are
doing this in war zones and Africa at the present time. But one
day I can see them turning their attention on their own law
abiding citizens’ just because they are not toeing the line of the
thinking” of the political leaders of the country in which they live.
Whether it’s the law of the land or not will not matter, they must
silence all voices they perceive as dissent!

I can see this new intelligence gathering as a big boost to the
“One” the Bible calls the “Antichrist”. We see so many things going
on in the world that show we are fast approaching the last days
described in the Bible, things like this stir in us the urgency to tell
everyone the time for the return of Jesus is closer then we can

Do you know Jesus as Savior, you have little time left to
meet God so please don’t hesitate, ask Him now to be your
Savior, you won’t regret it in the days to come!


( Since I wrote this article it has come out in the news that the worst has been realized, the US Government is indeed keeping and traking its own citizens and making cell phone companies hand over their records along with Google and yahoo)