We fell here at TODAY IN PROPHECY that it is important that we
engage in a civil discourse with people of different thought then
our own. It is in this way that we can show people the respect
they deserve and come to an understanding of why they believe
as they do. So MARS HILL is for the purpose of discussing others
point of view just like Paul did when he stood there and was
persuading them about Jesus. Paul did not stand there ignorant of
the secular and religious beliefs of those with whom he spoke.
He was very educated about the world around him and we here at
Today in Prophecy believe that that is one of the Churches
greatest faults today. We don’t know what people believe so its
hard to be able to persuade them about their need of a personal
Savior. But even God in His prophetic word says we well be going
about our own busyness and not caring about what is going on
around us. We hope, in these posts to try and understand the
world of today because we believe Gods word in prophecy has
allot to tell about today. His prophetic word spoke of today and
rather it be spiritual or secular, or even political, we wish to have
a civil discussion on these topics. Some of these topics are and
this is not an exhaustive list; The E.U., The UN,UFOs, Other
Religions, The New World Order, Islam, Global Warming, and even
Conspiracy Theories. In the end TODAY IN PROPHECY seeks to be
honest and open to find what is TRUE.