UFO: End-Time Delusion

Some years ago, (1991) Dr. David Allen Lewis and a coauthor Robert Shreckhise wrote a rather intriguing book called “UFO: End-Time Delusion”. Very few books have been written on this subject from the Christian stand point. Why is that? Most of the secular world is fascinated by the subject or at least have an opinion on UFO’s. Just say something in a crowd about UFO’s and you can feel the mood change rather quickly. People will either be apprehensive or want to express their experience or opinion. Legions of secular books have taken on the task of alerting the world about this mysterious topic and almost everyone of them is wrong in their assessment of what these UFO’s and aliens are and what their mission is. Some bookstores have whole sections devoted to UFO’s and the new age explanation of them, but strangely enough you would look a long time before finding a book written from a Christians point of view. There are some, but too few to match or make an influence on what the world is writing. You’ll find more on the internet from Christians than in book form. Stranger still is the pulpits are mostly silent on this subject even though the pews have a multitude of questions. Either the pulpits will give an answer or the secular bookstores will, and right now the world is winning this one. More Christians are believing their TVs and the tabloid rag papers because that’s the only place they have found any answers. Christian clergy and academic intellectuals are failing their people because they have legitimate questions and few Biblical answers. Is it because we don’t want to be viewed as kooks or candidates for the “funny farm”? Is it too far out on the fringe and we don’t want to give up our appearance of dignity because it’s just too weird. The secular world (whom we’ve been called to reach with the Gospel) is talking about and believing in UFO’s and it’s not just the “teetering on the edge of reality people” that have an interest in them. The US government, Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia), the European Union, Canada, and other Governments, have secret programs and think tanks that study UFO’s and have been doing it for a very long time. An AP article from July 2010 has this to say;

o Brussels — E.T., phone Brussels.
o A European Union lawmaker urged member governments Tuesday to open their secret files on UFOs, saying people need to know about close encounters of the third kind. Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the European Parliament, said that the EU needs its own “X Files” archive where anyone can see information on UFOs — including data gathered by the military. Opening the files is not unprecedented: Last year, Britain published 4,000 pages online on 800 alleged encounters with aliens during the 1980s and 1990s.
o The Associated Press

Notice that Mr. Borghezio is a member of the European Parliament, and there are others calling for the same freedom of information. These are not kooks but are very lucid people that are looking into these happenings. The problem is, the majority only see this phenomenon from a purely secular stand point and Christians need a Biblical answer. Church leaders need to educate themselves so they can teach their congregation, because it will not just go away. This issue is only going to be magnified as time goes on. The devil is going to make more people aware of these occurrences as they delve more heavily into the dark arts of which God said not to be involved in. It seems pretty harmless at first, but how many Christians have read and are reading the Harry Potter books or have read Erich Von Daniken’s books (Chariots of the Gods, etc.) for pleasure? Or how many read their daily horoscope in the newspaper or play board games dealing with magic and the occult? How many Christians are more familiar or knowledgeable about movies and TV shows than the Biblical admonition not to engage with these types of activities? Such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or shows about witches or even the one where the guy is “channeling” departed relatives’ advice and secrets. Who knows what “Team Edward” means, and the latest rage is the very popular movies about the Harry Potter books. You ask, “Am I calling these things part of the dark arts?” Yes, because God does, and the devil uses them as an entrance into bringing people into bondage. It’s a simple step from these rather “benign” things to start questioning whether the Bible is true or does it contain same error.
“After all it was written so long ago!” “Maybe it was early mans way to express the things he couldn’t understand, and now we are more intelligent and can see things more clearly.” “There are a lot of worlds and planets out there, maybe God made other worlds like ours.” “Maybe creation in the Bible didn’t happen the way it says it did, and aliens in UFO’s came and planted people here to see how they would act and they have been watching us.”
These and a lot of other questions are coming from well meaning Christians simply because they have plugged their head into things that are not so “benign”, things that God has said are an abomination to Him. The TV and movies make it all too easy to be attracted to the occult without our knowing that God does not like His people to engage in such activities.
Dr. David Allen Lewis, a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, researched UFO’s for about 39 years before deciding to write his book “UFO: End-Time Delusion”. In this book Dr. Lewis says on page 15;
o “Without exception, every person claiming a CE-3 contact that I have researched, corresponded with, or met had one thing in common. Each had a prior connection to metaphysical activity or cults. Some had been in devil worship, witchcraft, psychic phenomena, New Age, channeling, and so on. (We will mention the Andreasson case as a possible exception.) Those involved with direct contact with UFO aliens already had a connection to the dark side of the supernatural world.
o There are many born-again Christians of our acquaintance who have had CE-1 experiences – a mere sighting of a UFO. Some Christians have had a CE-2 – where some physical evidence or change is left behind, indicating that the sighting was real.”
So if Christians take an interest in this type of media they could be opening wide a door for the devil to bring oppression into to their life and since the devil hates all mankind, he will bring anyone into bondage that walks down his road of deception.
On pp. 14, 15 Dr. Lewis explains where the terms CE-1, 2, 3 came from;
“Dr. J Allen Hynek was undoubtedly the foremost researcher of the UFO phenomena from a scientific standpoint. Frequently he was consulted by the government and the military for analysis of UFO data and sightings and was a major contributor to the Air Force Project Blue Book (UFO research). It was he who developed the “close encounters” terminology.
o A “close encounter of the first kind (CE-1)” describes the experience of anyone who has seen an unidentified flying object, usually from a distance.
o A “close encounter of the second kind (CE-2)” describes the experience of a person who has seen physical evidence left behind or caused by a UFO occurrence. It also fits the experience of one who has had physical evidence inflicted upon him (sunburned appearance, radiation, and so on).
o A “close encounter of the third kind (CE-3)” involves actual contact and/or communication with an alleged alien or extraterrestrial being(s). An amazing number of people make such claims. Some have written books and articles about their experiences. Many have been interviewed by NASA, the US Air Force, or MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Many people in our government, the military, and in the space agency take this UFO business very seriously!”

Three levels of encounters, and only one of them is entered into by the individual opening the door themselves by engaging in practices that a loving God said don’t do. To entertain any of the devices from the occult is to go into the devils play ground and play with his toys, he just gives you more to stir up your curiosity. Each one of these occurrences (CE-1, 2, 3,) are meant to arouse a person’s interest, and the world has already given enough answers about them so a person getting the first encounter may be captivated enough to seek out more information about them. If a person gets attracted enough, the devil will make sure that they will find out more than they really want to know. On p. 153 Dr. Lewis writes;
“People are no longer satisfied with just reading about UFO’s. Many seek to see one. Some seek contact by various means. The deceivers are more than willing to accommodate them!”
“A new age devotee just hasn’t “arrived” unless he has had contact with a “spirit guide,” an “ascended master,” a “channeled entity,” or a “space brother-ETI.” Contact is sought through meditation techniques, invocation, luciferic initiation, or by the laying-on-of –hands by a guru channelor, or other New Age expert.”
The best thing to do as a Christian, is to do what the word of God says, and stay away from things that will lead us astray. Can we believe in UFO’s as Christians? Dr. Lewis has this to say on pp. 13, 14;
“I believe that UFO’s are real (provided you allow my definition of reality). I believe they are from an occult or paranormal source. Hynek believed this. Vallee also believes this. My research has led me to a further conclusion, and that is that they are evil. Humanity must be warned of the malevolent intentions of the “aliens”. That is the purpose of this book. While some contacts have been friendly and some hostile, they are all from the same source and they mean to destroy all human life on this planet”.
“We are not defenseless, but ignorance and misconception are powerful weapons against us. Deception is currently the “alien’s” most effective tool. We intend to unmask the delusion. We will furnish you the means to combat it. Humanity needs a rescue plan right now. UFO—End – Time Delusion provides a basis for that action program.”
Dr. Lewis gives a more in depth understanding about his belief on UFOs and what they are up to on pages 24 and 25. These are beliefs that most Christians should be able to accept and use to help get other people out of the devil’s bondage. Seeing these eight points for what they are will hopefully help all of us to see how the devil is deceiving the masses of humanity and will help us know how to better proclaim the Gospel to the ones caught up in this clever deception- provided that you are not deceived about what is going on with the devil’s devices. Please read the Bible so you can know the truth and not be trapped in his schemes.
Here is what Dr. Lewis has to say in his eight points from pp. 24, 25;
“Here is an eight-point position statement that will help you understand this book. These points, which we believe we can prove to you, provide an understanding of the UFO phenomenon and how it affects our world today:
1. Whatever these objects are, they do exist. UFOs have a physical manifestation. UFOs and the beings that humans encounter through their experiences with them are real.
2. They are not from other planets. They are not spaceships that have traveled at warp-speed to visit our world. They have been here from the dawn of existence—in a spiritual dimension that is as real us the one we inhabit.
3. They are supernatural in nature. Rather than from the physical world, the UFO’s are from the realm of the paranormal or the spiritual. This does not prevent them from having a material manifestation.
4. They are demonic. The current wave of UFOs is not from the realm of the angels of God. They are manifestations of evil spirits that serve Satan and his purposes. Abundant evidence will be offered to prove this point. The authors have not one reservation or doubt about this. We do not know of any evangelical, conservative Bible scholar or theologian who has dealt with this question who disagrees with us.
5. The purpose of UFOs is deception. The entities behind UFOs are not merely poltergeists (“playful ghosts”). They have definite plans and purposes, and those plans do not auger well for mankind. Their principle weapon is deception. They are here to destroy us, but they can be defeated by ordinary people who are willing to undertake extraordinary measures.
6. They figure into the end-time scheme of prophecy and its fulfillment. The increasing frequency of sightings and “close encounters” are a part of an end-time assault on humanity. The prophecies of the Bible clearly reveal this. Both the seemingly benign and the hostile entities are playing their diverse roles.
7. They will play an increasing role in preparing a segment of humanity for the reception of the Antichrist.
8. Several of the Bible’s end-time prophecies can now be more clearly understood when we consider the UFO delusion. For example, the UFO idea will provide one way for sinful humanity to explain away the rapture of the Church. Mankind will demand an explanation for the disappearance of 250 to 500 million people when the 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 event occurs.”
“And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts (2 Pet. 1:19; NIV).”
I really think that Dr. Lewis was ahead of his time to warn the masses of humanity about what was coming on the human race. But sometimes it appears that people are so wrapped up in their lives to stop and really take a long look at what spiritual significance and the true consequence of what is happening today. It seems the Church of Jesus Christ is more interested in living the good life and not concerned about being about our Fathers business and that “day will come upon us unawares”. Hard times are ahead for humanity and especially the true Church and if you aren’t ready for this end-time deception it’s going to “rock your world”.
This type of deception is what we really need to be looking out for, but instead of being on our guard we are inviting it into our homes and enjoying it. Saints we have to wake up to the time we are living in, because the time is shorter than we think. There is a multitude of people that need to be saved and that won’t happen unless we tell them about Jesus. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that whoever believes would be saved”. Do you believe this or not? Search your hearts and see what He wants you to be doing, it’s not that difficult. One final word from Dr. Lewis, from pages 68 and 69;
“For Satan to succeed in the last days, he must work a deception so subtle and so powerful that it will overwhelm the human race both with its rationality and attraction.”
“An offer by visitors from an advanced civilization on another planet for assistance to a perishing human race confronted with war, crime, violence, pollution, global warming, genocide, and a host of other ills that man’s rebellion have produced will seem irresistible. That the mainstream scientific community is taking the UFO question seriously, as evidenced by the heavy-funded, government-sponsored SETI programs, demonstrates that we must look at the subject in a very serious light. Any person who is well-grounded in the Bible and takes the word of God literally will not be prone to fall for the end-time delusion. The apostle Paul contrasts those who accept the Bible with those who reject it:
“They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. But we ought always to thank God for you, brothers loved by the Lord, because from the beginning God chose you to be saved through the sanctifying work of the Spirit and through belief in the truth. He called you to this through our gospel, that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Thess. 2:10-14; NIV).””
For those of us in the U.S. it’s hard to imagine such a thing that I’ve described here, but the Bible has much to say about the end of time, and I firmly believe we are approaching that final hour at lightning speed. Dr. Lewis has much more to say in this book and if you would like a copy, it can be ordered by calling the office phone number (417)882-6470 or by writing to;
David A. Lewis Ministries
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It can also be purchased at the ministries web site book store along with all the other writings of Dr. Lewis’, the web site address is; http://www.davidallenlewis.com/