Western Thinking Is Flawed When Considering Muslim Nations


It’s with much sadness that I watch each and every time when western Governments try to broker a peace settlement in the Middle East. Every nation that has entangled themselves in this noble endeavor has come up frustrated and empty handed. I believe it’s all because they refuse to understand basic human nature and the deeply-held religious faith in the Muslim mind.

This is where I believe western thought has gone wrong. In this short essay I hope to try and give an explanation that can better help us see why peace hasn’t come through western interference. I think peace must be sought after, but I don’t think the west has found the key to that lock. I do not believe this to be all the answers, but I do think it is something that has been seriously neglected by pompous “wanna be” statesmen who think they can just push anyone around just because they want to.

I could be wrong; but I, too, am someone with faith and strong convictions and understand that when the God, who created the heavens and the earth, tells His people what He wants from them, there is no compromising. God’s word is the final word, and the Muslims final word comes from Allah. These two Gods are not the same, never have been and never will be.

The peoples of the world that would be considered as having western thought (the European Union, USA, Canada and a few others) seem to have a mindset that has forgotten from whence they came. When Christianity came out of the Holy Land into the Roman Empire of Europe, then on to the new world, it was almost universally believed that there was a God to which mankind was accountable.

Most of the laws put in place by these societies to govern their people’s behavior were because of the recognition of that accountability to God. As these nations prospered and most lived in relative peace for long periods of time, the Christians got lazy and quit relying on God and, even worse, quit evangelizing. The Churches started teaching that politics were corrupt and evil. And so people of faith abandoned the political field so as to separate themselves from the world.

When that happened only unbelievers and worldly people were left to the political arena, and since they didn’t believe in God or the Judeo Christian thought (and still don’t); they have sought to change the laws and thought of the cultures they were elected to represent. Whether these worldly people will acknowledge the fact or not Government has become their God, and to them Government is the supreme authority.

So these unbelievers who believe in, “government being the highest authority” think they can change the thoughts of people of faith through the process of human reason or negotiation. If that doesn’t work, the evil ones in authority among them may resort to nefarious tactics like bending and reinterpreting the laws or making new ones that will make people conform to their idea of utopia.

Worldly governments will even threaten Christians with civil or criminal laws until they will abide by their perverted way of thinking. To this end, some government officials have crafted laws with such deception that the law seems to say one thing, only to be used in another way at some future date.

That seems to have worked very well, even against some that take a conservative point of view with their Scriptures, but the stress sometimes is very overwhelming and these Christians may shop around for another church where the pressures are not as suffocating. So they compromise what they say they believe and justify it by saying “It’s the law”.

Many of you by now can think of a myriad of books that have helped fashion and form the thoughts of these politicians. They are so fanatical about humanist thought and reason that it precludes anyone that has a deity and thinks them to be foolish.

A person that has God as the final authority threatens the way an unbelieving politician believes things should be and must be marginalized. This is the way these political hacks handle the citizens in their countries.

But I must add to this line of reasoning that it is the Judeo-Christian religious thought that gets almost one hundred percent of their disdain.

We Christians in the nations of western thought only have ourselves to blame because we left the filthy and dirty politics to the evil and worldly people that we did not evangelize, because we were just too comfortable to be bothered. These politicians have operated behind this curtain of deceit and deception for so long they just don’t understand why people of faith can’t see their “light”.

Someone who seeks power in Government just can’t understand someone that believes in authority higher than government. This is their attitude when approaching other religions and cultures around the world, they beleive government is the highest authority. They have pushed the Judeo-Christian people so many times into backing off of a Biblical stand they just feel like anyone with a belief in a deity can be coerced into another way of thinking. It’s a sad commentary on Christians that just gave up, instead of having a backbone and believing that God would take care of them.

Islam was birthed in the seventh century; and to this day they have tried, and with much success, to conquer almost every nation they have gone into. Each time they have been successful at making a nation subservient to their God, Allah, they have set up a government that agrees with their Holy Book, the Quran. To them, Allah is the supreme authority, and the government they set up is run by their religious leaders.

They only set up government to enforce what their holy men tell them the Quran says. Through the centuries they have had relative success at subjugating those they have conquered and making them Muslims. These nations have stayed under the banner of Islam, albeit under threat of death, but nonetheless are still Muslims. They follow their Holy Book with commitment and zeal, so as to be accepted by Allah.

To the Muslim mind, Islam is one nation or peoples. They may have many sects and geographic locations but are still connected. They have fought and killed each other since their beginning; but you let an outsider (or to them an infidel) come against them, they will have a semi-truce amongst themselves so they can take care of the outsider.

Their God, Allah, has told them to conquer by the sword and to make Muslims of everyone, and those who refuse to convert… “kill them.” That is what they have been doing from their beginning. Their prophet, Mohammad, showed them how to deal with an enemy that is too strong– act like you are their friend and make a living among them until they are strong enough, and then conquer them.

Mohammad did just that, and that is what the Muslims are doing in the EU, and attempting to do in the USA and Canada. It does seem that the European countries are trying to wake up and do something about it. Let’s just hope it is not too late. France has recently passed a law banning the women from wearing burkas. Switzerland has outlawed Mosques’ minarets and other EU countries are strongly considering laws of their own concerning Muslim practices that are deemed to be akin to slavery or discriminatory towards women or other people.

Now enter the war on terrorism. The nations of the world, mostly of western thought, are trying to make treaties with Muslims who believe in conquer by the sword, and negotiate to have terrorists turned over and stop terrorist camps from operating, etc. But to Muslims, the terrorists are their heroes; and they are not going to give them up to an infidel.

The western Governments, in their ignorance and arrogance, not understanding the Muslim mind, even want them to join the rest of the nations with a peaceful coexistence; but, to a Muslim the only peaceful coexistence is if everyone converts to Islam. There’s an interesting article I read not too long ago of an Arab in Syria that said there never will be peace with Israel.

It doesn’t matter what kind of peace treaty the leaders sign, there just will never be peace. You can read the article at http://www.israeltoday.co.il/default.aspx?tabid=178&nid=21354 . This is the way they will treat the rest of the world once they have taken care of Israel. Many of their Holy Men have said they will take care of the Saturday people (Jew) then the Sunday people (Christian).

How do you negotiate with people that have that kind of thought or religious faith? The western mind says government is the highest authority and refuses to accept the fact that in Islam if Allah said it, there is no compromise, only a time of pseudo peace until they can rebuild and get stronger and then conquer the ones they made the treaty with.

The western governments have no concept of a higher authority so they keep trying to negotiate, whether its with the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Saddam Hussein, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, etc, and it gets nowhere. A good history lesson, if they would take the anti-Semitic glasses off, would be to see how Israel has been treated.

Every treaty, accord, or summit Israel has had with these people has ended with Israel giving up something for peace only to have it broken, sometimes within hours after the talking stopped; and the ink on the papers isn’t even dry. Its just a big farce. The PLO has made the western nations put pressure on Israel to abide by the treaties, but the PLO never does. Case in point–the PLO was supposed to remove from its charter the belief that Israel must be destroyed. Have they done this?

Go online and do a Google search, and you will see that it is still in their charter. We keep hearing “land for peace.” Israel gave back the Sinai two times. They gave up the Gaza strip. They even pulled back out of Lebanon’s buffer zone. Did they get peace? No, they just got the enemy a little closer to do more damage with their mortars and rockets.

The PLO was offered 98% of what they wanted at one time, but Arafat said no and within days started the intifada. A good book to look at about this charade of “land for peace” has just been released. The title is “Land For Peace–A Century of Failure” by Rani Levy and can be obtained by writing to David A. Lewis Ministries, 304 E. Farm Rd.186, Springfield, MO. 65810 or by calling 1-417-882-6470. The e-mail address is office@davidallenlewis.com.

Israel has given up land. They have given weapons to the PLO police force, only to have those same weapons used to kill Jews. Israel has given and given. Have they received peace? I say again, did they get peace? No, they just got more pain and heartache, and the whole world comes down on Israel because the world’s peace plan didn’t work. So I would like to know why these governments continue to instigate these disastrous agreements.

What makes them think they can make peace with a people who’s God has told them to conquer by the sword when they see Allah as the final authority? Is it because western Governments experience has been with a people of faith in their own countries that fold like a wet napkin whenever they said boo? The only problem is the Muslim believes what Allah has told him.

Can anyone negotiate with someone who believes they already have their marching orders, orders that cannot be revoked or compromised on? Negotiation is compromise and when Allah says it, there is no compromise to a Muslim. The governments of the west are viewed as enemies and infidels and don’t measure up to the same status as Allah in the Muslim mind.

Until the infidel world (the western governments) recognizes this and starts to deal with them in a different way, nothing is going to change. They will keep migrating to other countries until they become strong enough to either change the laws to their liking or they will keep causing trouble in their new countries until they can overcome by the sword.

Right now they are having a tremendous amount of babies in the countries that they immigrated to, and they are fast becoming a large voting bloc. This is another way they plan to take over and rule. Europe, at this moment, is reeling under the effects of this type of immigration. They are seeing the pressure that the Muslims are putting on the elected officials. Muslims are even being elected to seats in their governments.

The USA is also having this problem. Make no mistake, when they become strong enough they will implement sharia laws in all these countries and/or conquer them by the sword or both. Western thought is faulty. We, and our freedoms, are in danger unless the western governments recognize this and receive an awakening on just how perilous the time has become.

This awakening must come soon because they are on a steady march to do Allah’s will. Yes, western thought is very unsound when they are so blind they can’t see the abyss that lies right in front of them. They approach the Muslim world as they have Christians and expect them to compromise just like churches have done, but Muslims never compromise, only stall and wait to become stronger. Western governments must change the way they are dealing with the Muslim peoples and governments because their thoughts are flawed.