welcome to today in prophecy
has observed that  Mankind is
fascinated about wanting to know the future,
and the world is full of prophecies and predictions about today
and tomorrow. There is a spot down deep inside of every person
that has a need to know that today will be OK.

Our security or our self preservation is very important for our well
being. And it is true that in all our search we will never within ourselves
get to the place of being satisfied that all is well. So we look
outside ourselves, to others that we fell are more in tune to the
cosmos, the spiritual, the prophetic, or the just plain weird,
anything that we can cling to give us our, “I’m OK” fix.

We seek here in these pages of www.TodayinProphecy.com, to bring people
everywhere to a place where they well come face to face with
their own mortality, and then show that there is indeed hope, that
today we can face the future because the prophecies of yesterday
about today can be looked at and separated into truth and non
truth, We only use the Bible for finding these truths for only the one true God
Knows the “end from the beginning”.

seeks to help you understand and walk through the mine field of all the voices seeking
an audience about your today and your tomorrow. May God bless you
you as you search for His truth. Because He said “you will find Me
if you search with all your heart”.